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Default Mild Trail Ideas for Target Practice?

Hey everyone! I'm just starting to poke around the site and was directed here by a member on ih8mud. I'm hoping you can offer some advice.

I've been enjoying a new (to me) 99 Cruiser for a month now and I'm looking for a trip this coming weekend somewhere interesting and accessible for a solo, stock 100 series with 285/75 (BFG AT's, effectively 33's) and a locked rear.

I'm looking for somewhere on National Forest land within a few hours of Denver so I can do a little target practice (.22 rifle) and hiking/picnic with the family.

Any suggestions? I'm not sure if this is the best section, so please redirect me if need be.

It's getting late in the season so I know some areas may be closing up for the year.

I did Gross Reservoir with a friend earlier this year and that fits my bill (mild trail, forest land open to shooting), but I'd love to explore new areas.

Thanks for any tips!
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