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Originally Posted by MDH33 View Post
Don't forget that hunting season is in full swing.

Lots of closures up in the Boulder area due to the flooding. Wherever you go, make sure you are up to speed with shooting regulations regarding distance from roads and trails, proper targets, etc. And always clean up after yourself and use common sense and be safe.
Of course! I make a rule to clean up more than I left behind. My preferred target now is an auto-resetting metal plinking target. No mess left behind and no need to stop to reset targets.

Originally Posted by MisledYouth View Post
I replied to your thread on 'Mud, but just in case...

I usually head up to Barbour Fork. It's close, but it is pretty popular, and is going to close in the next month or so. Takes off right out of Idaho Springs. Just make sure you find a hill or berm to shoot into.

Bill Moore Lake is another ok spot, just don't mess with all of the old mine buildings up there. A lot of them are active. Bill Moore takes off out of Empire.

Headed up 285 a bit yesterday, if you turn through Bailey and go a bit farther than Wellington lake, there are some good flat spots around there too.

I've also had some friends mention a spot outside of Pine Junction that is an actual range (free), but I've never been there.
I'm looking at Bordenville Gulches as well. Looks like a nice area near Terryall with some forest land.

I'm also a little concerned with the whole Govt shutdown business. Is it likely trails would be blocked off or off limits? I understand monuments and such could be closed, but I would think public land wouldn't "close". Then again never underestimate the senselessness of the fed. :/
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