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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
I would be wary of that swap with the presumption that your 80 uses the shank-style lugs, and your 45 rims likely has the conical style? Those shankers would bottom out before they held the rim tight to anything. Is there a reason you can't also use the 45's nuts?
I didn't know if I could steal enough 45/40 lug nuts to make a full set. I was able to find 24 so that is what I used just to be safe.

Originally Posted by powderpig View Post
The stock 95-97 80 series lug nuts for the hub centric wheel have a taper to allow the use of steel wheels in an temporary time period. So, for your situation Mike I would think you would be OK. It is done this way as spares in some situations are steel. As for if the your cruiser will tip over with the use of small tires, that will be any one's guess.
That is exactly the info I needed. I was curious if that would work for a temp situation.

Originally Posted by Rzeppa View Post
Another thing to consider is that most 80 series sold in 3rd world countries had steel wheels with the conical lug seats and conical lugs. You should be fine.
It appears to be fine. I put 200 miles on the steelies with the 45/40 lugs and re torqued them many times. For other 80 guys out there, the 45 had 16" rims. A stock 40 rim (15") will not clear the rotors on the 80. Interesting thought though... I CAN put the rims from the 25 on the 80 How cool would that be? An 80 with OEM baby moons!!

Originally Posted by sleeoffroad View Post
Man, this helps me a lot! I have one of those!

"Stretch limousines having a wheel base of greater than 125 inches, and having non-disengagable all-wheel/four-wheel drive or non-disengagable traction control systems, all model years."
I was hoping you would catch that Did you also see that because it won't fit on the dyno, you get an N/A for NOx?

Originally Posted by Rzeppa View Post
Interesting how that whole "grams per mile" thing was never a requirement or parameter when our rigs were design, built and certified. But now the lawmakers of state of Colorado, have decided to usurp the original federal rules and standards that the automakers designed, built and sold their vehicles to and will instead impose new state rules with no regard to their constituents. This is kinda like the people's republik of kalifornia and their CARB.
There isn't a majority that is against it. If you ask anyone you know, they are not bothered by this in the slightest.
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