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I haven't done any math or anything, just hip shots here.

I hate the way stainless fasteners gall. I wish I never had to touch the stuff but I am forced to use it...

I'd be curious what the reduction in cross section because of the cannulation does to the shear strength and how it compares to something like 316 or 17-4 at H900. Could you source some bolts made from 440C or any 400 series? that might be worth trying..

I'd probably do 17-4 before I did 316 though. 316 kinda sucks... 17-4 should be available enough right?

The bad thing about the bolts Corbet posted is the fenestrations get full of crap and clog the whole thing up if you aren't on top of the greasing (like me) then they turn into regular bolts.

Either way I almost feel like the stainless stuff is just gonna gall when you go to take it apart unless you use something like the 400 series stuff that has so much carbon in it it will probably rust eventually. And I think something made from 316 would be too soft for a spring pin.

edit, from my Carpenter book:

316 - 82ksi UTS, Rockwell b 80
17-4PH - cond h900 198ksi UTS, Rockwell c 44
420 - hardened 1900 f oil quench, tempered 400F 250 ksi UTS, Rockwell C 55
440C - hardened 1900 f oil quench, tempered 600F 285ksi UTS, Rockwell C 60
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