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Originally Posted by Caribou Sandstorm View Post
Sounds good.

We didn't get to catch up at the meeting but that was one of my topics to ask you about.

I am liking the Boardworks SuperNatural 11'6". Found one for sub 700.00 but gotta go pick it up. My son is standing up on my Hobie 9'6" but it is narrow..

I could put my daughter on the nose, like you mentioned. I am going to need to get 2 though cause the wife will want her own.
Anything in the 26" range is going to be super tippy but fast. Once you get around 32 or 33" in width, you might as well be walking on water. That Boardworks will be perfect for cruising around a lake.

I don't know how much paddling your going to do but, paddles make more of difference than you might imagine. I've got a QuickBlade carbon that made a noticeable difference on speed and distance. You're welcome to try that too but it might be a tad long for you.
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