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Fair enough, they are open. And, it seems, via articles, that the NPS removed their signs once the issue was straitened out. I assume we can all admit to making a few mistakes ourselves?

For areas that are NOT privately owned, like the one that started this thread, I would argue that it is important to the maintenance of those parks to keep them closed, a la my previous comments. There are other areas with priceless things besides mount Vernon.

I have LOADS of issues with our government, but I believe that the National Parks is one thing the feds do that is 100% worthwhile. I enjoy visiting them, and while I take issue with the closures on other federal lands (Forests or BLM) supposed to be open to the public, I damn sure would rather have at least SOME public areas to recreate, rather than all private. As a hunter and fisherman, I am VERY thankful for areas that I can only access by foot.

In the end, I think this thread is a prime example of what our Gov't is great at: convincing us it is anyone's fault but congress'. Here we are arguing about a minuscule department and budget item, when the real issue is that there are a bunch of whiny kindergarteners running the damn show.


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