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Default 3.4L (5VZ) Automatic Transmissions

Decisions Decisions....

For various reasons, I am considering an automatic for my 4Runner. Not seriously yet, just in the research stage. May not keep the truck at all, we'll see.

Anyway, the one downside of the A340 seems to be its affect on the power of the engine, whether it is high gearing, or possibly the power gets sucked away during shifts.

IPT will turn around a valve body in a few days providing crisper, and what I would assume, less power sapping, shifting, as well as a decent strength upgrade. They also sell a nice rebuild kit, and automatics look to be really simple to rebuild (hell, they always have guys on the car shows do autos with blindfolds on, never see that with a manual).

Essentially, I am looking to avoid a gutless wonder, but don't need the thing to be capable of jackrabbit stars off the line. As long as there is plenty of power for climbing the mountains (which it currently has), I'm good.

Is there anything else I should consider in the performance department? I'm not that familiar with the operation of autos', so I'd like to learn.

The second set of issues is making the swap work. I assume that while the A340 does seem to still use a hard, manual throttle connection, there is also a control module that talks to the main computer. Is this a separate unit, universal to the A340 and the 3.4, or is it integrated in the ECU, and therefore fairly year and model specific?

I have thought of cooling lines, cooler, pedal assembly and shifter pieces that are needed. I also assume the flywheel is different, but are the starters the same? Am I overlooking a major piece (I'm not worried about crossmembers or any thing requiring some fab, for obvious reasons).

I know UB is uber plugged into this but I didn't want to bend his ear forever as he is crazy busy at the moment. Thanks all!

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