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Default Thursday Wheeling 10/10

Let's get the Midweek Wheeling Crew back together. Or, let's call it the Furlough Run (hopefully this wont be an annual event!)

In any case, I want to burn the last tank of gas I may be able to afford during the Government Shutdown.... So, this Thursday I'm thinking one of these trails.....

Cascade Creek (never done it, but it's pretty long and it looks like getting lost is a real possibility which makes it even more fun)

Barbour Fork

Bill Moore

Swan River Area

So far it looks like me, Jacket and Big Country. Who else is in? Let's get out and see the last of these leaves! The farther west we go, the more snow/ice. Anything over 10k could potentially have snow on Thursday too, but right now rain is more likely.

If you're in, do you have a trail preference? Just because our Government can't put something together doesn't mean we can't! See you out there.

EDIT: Meetup Info (Scroll down for a map link)
Let's meet at the Safeway in Idaho Springs. 9:30am I'll try to get there by 9-9:15am.
Plan on bringing a lunch. Or, we will be right in Idaho Springs in-between Cascade Creek and whatever other trail we run. Remember, the tunnels are being worked on almost fulltime right now. I'll have my cell phone 717-five80-545five
Or, CB13 and 146.460
Plan for the possibility of rain/snow at anytime during the day.
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