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For an e-auto to auto shift it needs a computer as it has no way to sense engine load. You can do an econo set up and manually shift it up and down but if it's street driven that would be a PITA. Optimally, a stand alone trans computer would be the ticket as you could program it how you want it. The a340 auto's are very similar to each other so start snooping through Supra forums for tranny controllers. Older auto's did eat up a lot of available power but modern auto tranny's are much more friendly on the engine power robbing. Of course direct drive of a clutch/manual trans transfers the most power from engine to drive-train. An unexpected issue I ran into by having a full built auto is the fact that it holds too well! In 5:1 transfer case gears the brakes cannot stop the rig if the engine RPM is up. Idle or just off idle is no problem. 3:1 doesn't have as much of that effect but due to the aggressive clutches more effort is still required to hold the beast when dropping down steep rocks. I am now used to it so I can slide it in and out of neutral without really having to think about it. If and when I do it again I would run stock clutches and a enhanced valve body. It is much easier to put an auto in a manual equipped vehicle than the other way around! In a rock rig (or snow) you cant beat an auto for climbing. Brakes are a huge part of wheeling with an auto, so keep that in mind too. The guys at IPT are awesome and really know their craft! Tell them exactly what you want and they will build exactly what you ask for.....just make sure what you ask for is exactly what you want!
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