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Default Cascade Creek Furlough Run 10/10

It sure was nice to get out and explore. The crew Du Jour was Crash, Jacket, Big Country and Fishy. 4 was the perfect size for what we ended up doing...... which was just good ol' fashioned exploring.

None of us had ever been in the Cascade Creek area before. It's a huge maze of trails and spurs. We were never really lost, but there was never a time that we knew where we were going, or ever destined for a particular spot. We each took turns leading which meant one guy just drove around and turned where his gut said to turn, and the others followed. Truly a fun way to go.

There were many times when the road turned into a fantastic obstacle, other times it just passed through a network of trails..... some were dead ends, some ended at private property or abandoned cabins. There was more than one very strategic turn around involving long drives in reverse and tight corners.

There were many times when the leader just stopped and got out, so we'd just sit and talk. We walked around some old shelters and mine cabins. The trails were tight and if you're worried about pin striping, this isn't an area for you. Some sections were pretty gnarly and not really suitable for stock vehicles, others were just old dirt roads. Crash had the line of the day when he climbed through a super gnarly section that body damage was a very real possibility. I didn't get any good pics of the spot, but it wasn't a simple drive-thru.

We stopped for a hot lunch of pork green chile over chips, and good conversation. We got snowed on for a while too! It sure was nice to be on the HAM all day and not worry about CB range or quality. We even talked to Nakman as he passed by on I-70. The day ended with us just popping out on a road that lead to the I-70 frontage road just north of Idaho Springs. We figured it must be time to air up and turn for home.
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