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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
I heard you guys sporadically up here at the QTH on 146.460, a few times very clearly. I tried to make a call but never heard anyone ID, so I just called CQ. Either you didn't hear me or it was just static. Probably was about 1400. FWIW, I was also monitoring 145.310 in case anyone jumped over there.
At 1400 we just made a turn onto a spur that ended at an emergency shelter. The roads ended abruptly and we were probably in a spot that we couldn't hear each other. Just before that turn, we were in an open area on the north side of the mountain. I bet we could have picked you up. It was exactly 1500 when we were coming out of that spot (back into the open area facing north) that I heard Tim call.
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