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Red face Pre-surgery Impulse Moab Trip

So Monday, I'll be having a dual level cervical discectomy and fusion. I'll be laid up anywhere between 6 and 9 months, so I decided to head out to Moab over the weekend for a short camping and wheeling trip. We didn't really plan much, and decided to leave Friday night after my brother got off work. Ended up getting out of town around 730 and got to camp near Dewey Bridge about 130am on Saturday. We pretty much set up the tents and passed out, then we were up by about 7 when the sun was coming up.

Top of the World was just down the road, so we decided to hit that up since we'd never been there. I had heard maybe it got a little harder the last couple of years, but I didn't figure it would be as chunky as it ended up being. Being in my new daily driver 100 and still being used to my 40 on 37's, I was a bit nervous on some of the obstacles. The 100 was amazing. No scrapes minus some standard pin stripes. Got to the top and were overrun when a group of Jeeps parked all over the area right near the picture ledge. It looked like we kicked an ant hill, and most of them weren't friendly. I'm not a brand snob, but these were "those" kind of Jeeople. Anyway, we waited them out while we snapped some pictures and had some lunch. I got my Top of the World poser shot and as we were heading back down I saw a couple of different gen 4 Runners making their way up with a Jeep. Ended up being BourneID, so we talked for a couple of minutes before our group made our way back down the loop. Cool meeting a member on a random outing, and I really dug the Runner.

We hit Zax later that night for some pizza and then headed back to camp to have a fire and a couple of Estes Park Stinger Honey Wheats.

The next day, we decided to squeeze just a little more out of our trip and headed to Gold Bar Rim before we took off for home. We had my brother's Tacoma out there with my large 40 last year, and decided to go see what a difference the lift and tires made on his Tacoma. HUGE difference from last year. We didn't go all the way this time and decided to head back to pack up camp. I couldn't have asked for a better last minute trip before I'm laid up for a little while. It gets harder to leave Moab every time I visit. Post recovery, I'm going to try to stay there for 3 weeks or so. We'll see if I can get sick of it or not. Anyway, here are a few pics. We were trying to cram a lot in, so I didn't get a ton.

Look who we spotted filling up in Glenwood:

Headed up Top of the World:

My brother's son, Reggie, helping spot up the chunky hill:

Up top:

Had some planes fly in below us, but the video/photos were corrupted:

One of many versions of the TOTW poser shot:

Reggie isn't a fan of late nights and early mornings:

Back down:

Back at camp:

Headed back down 128 toward Moab:

Gold Bar:

Packing up camp:

Checking out the cave house near Dewey Bridge:

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