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You may want to ask how much of the fluid is exchange out. If it how the dealership was doing it a while back, it is only about 4-5 qts, or just a drain and fill. If it is done similar to what is in the thread above, then 170 to do that many qts is a deal. Fluid prices have come down it looks like, but still at 12-15 $/qt(dealership could be higher, at one time it was like 30$/qt) and 13-14 qts(like in the thread above, which is a great description of a crude flush machine), the math says it does not add up on the price.
When I first got our runner with the the 750af tranny, they were recommending not to do a drain and fill ever. Now I will need to look and see on TIS what is the service interval. Toyota will recommend one thing and dealerships will recommend another to drum up business for the service department.
The new no dip stick tranny is a great tranny except for the pain in the A** what to drain and fill the tranny.
It is not like Chris's tranny at all.
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