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So I finally got a little time to look again at the regs. So this year I put in for the preference point (there is a special code for that) and got a point. Now I can buy an OTC license or a left-over license and still hunt albeit for a bull.

You can buy the OTC for any unit but would probably be better to buy one for the unit you plan to hunt with the preference point next year. Anyway, only 2nd and 3rd season for OTC. 4th season a person could pick up a left-over license for a draw area and if I'm not mistake that's either a cow or a bull (but not "either sex").

Anyway...I sold my 80 series because too much blue smoke was coming out of it. I wanted to buy a 100 but I don't have that much money; those things are EXPENSIVE! So, now that I drive a Durango I suppose I'm out of the club and will be searching for other hunters elswhere right? Well, peeps over at Ih8mud would have me believe so.

Let me know if anyone is still interested. There's still time for 3rd season this year. I won't be able to go second season.
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