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Default Fire!

Anybody know what happens after a house fire?

The most important part, we got out safely and the pets are ok too.
I did something stupid and ran into the attic to investigate the smoke. In hindsight, I could have fallen through the roof or been overcome by the smoke. As soon as I couldn't breathe, I turned and got the blank out. The FD got there pretty quick and minimized the damage. We were very very blessed this happened when it did and we had enough notice to get out.

So now what? The investigator came in and looked around in the attic. It would appear that this was from a damaged wire from a 80's kitchen remodel (not by me!) but I haven't heard the formal report back. It's bad, but not that bad. Maybe not bad enough. We really don't feel safe unless that whole house is rewired and I don't know if insurance covers that. Inspector found all kinds of scary stuff I didn't know about and who knows what else is there. It's a 1931 vintage house, so 80 years of do-it-yourselfers messing in there. I have no idea what insurance is going to cover, if anything. So what happens now? Does the insurance company give me a number or do they just start fixing? At this point, I think I want to at least know what the number is so I can consider options. Like, does it make sense to just gut the house or just repair this damaged area? I think it can be fixed easily enough, I just don't know if I want it done that way.
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