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I have one of the last Clark foam boards Becker was selling at their Hermosa beach shop. My shaper was also Pat Ryan at ET Surf. Great shop.

I know very little about the end of Clark Foam and the epoxy revolution, other than my buddy that lives in San Luis Obispo tells me, he loves the boards and their strength vs. our old ding prone boards.

I read a little about the passion for the local shaper last night.. Kind of like the local neighborhood super market demise.

Hey I picked up a Kiaola hapa from REI for a great price, had a gift card that still had some money on it and a Werner Fiji for my wife. I found good deals on those. I also had to buy a fin for the Raven. It is new but they lost the fin. I just bought the entry level FRS they recommended for it.

I need to buy some of that new super light weight ding repair for the Raven. Do you remember what that is called?

Note: Just found the epoxy ding repair kit.

I should be set! I will get the coil leashes eventually, but for now I am gonna use the ones I have. I don't think I am going to wear one for me but will for kids and wife.
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