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The Clark fiasco happened when I was still somewhat tied into the business through my photography. What a cluster. We were living in Dana Point then and I was around the guys from Rusty, Killer Dana, Hobie, etc quite a bit. Popcorn moment for sure.

Epoxy boards have a place. Firewire builds an excellent stick. However, there will always be the "purists".

I did some photos for a few articles run by Surfer on Moonlight Glassing. I'll see if I can dig them up. Father and son operation. Great guys and what they produce is nothing short of art. The son, JP, opened a shop a few years ago to try and recreate that neighborhood feel. The beginning was rough but he's going like gangbusters these days. Pretty stoked for him.

I know plenty of other "backyard" shapers as well. It's definitely an art form and an amazing process to watch.

I think Bec's paddle is a Werner. I'll have to run out to the garage and check. She loves it. Lightweight and easy through the water.
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