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Home. My wrists hurt from my Kung-fu like grasp of the steering wheel. My back and neck hurt from all the tensing up I was doing on the descent.

Pictures...... I didn't take one.

Thanks Tim for keeping this great tradition going. It was great to see everyone. I would like to say we had a great time, but being last to start the descent made for a very different trail that what you guys up front experienced. It was like nothing I've ever done before, nor would like to do again. Checked for damage when we pulled in and I'm pretty good. One spot took a hit on the rear quarter panel. The kick-out on the MT sliders kept me mostly out of the trees. The ARB up front has a few good tree deflection marks. The Slee rear even took a sideways sliding tree shot. We literally couldn't do anything on even the slightest incline. Those in front of us who slid and packed the snow tight just made a sheet of ice. I can't believe how fast and out of control we got on some of those descents.

MtnAddict has the real carnage though. Thanks to everyone for pitching in, we had him rolling again in no time. It sure was nice to roll in and have tools at the ready.

Next up..... Run the Gulches!!
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