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Originally Posted by Fishy View Post
Home. My wrists hurt from my Kung-fu like grasp of the steering wheel. My back and neck hurt from all the tensing up I was doing on the descent.
I feel much the same way. Didn't realize it until I was down at the bottom.

That was a lot of fun. But the decent was very tense. I think I was the 7th or 8th truck down the hill. And I definitely felt the effects of the compacted snow. I can only imagine what it was like for you, Stan.

At one point, I hear a horn honking behind me. And I look in my mirror to see an FJ careening down the ice towards me. Steve is locked up and sliding. He's flooring it in reverse. I instinctually punch it to get out of the way and immediately realize the mistake that I've just made. I slam on the brakes and lock them up. Now I'm sliding out of control down the road. I throw it in reverse and floor it, then let off the break. I was throwing snow and rocks out in front of me a good 15 feet or more. Steve finally lodged on a rock and stopped, and I ended up digging all four tires into holes in the snow and finally stopped. Totally wild, I wish I could have had it all on video. I told steve, I'm gonna have nightmares of his headlights rushing at me.
But these sorts of stories, are exactly why I'm glad I did the run.

I'm really glad everyone made it down safely.
But, what happened to MtnAddict's rig?

I got a couple pics.

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