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Originally Posted by bomber22 View Post
fishy, was the trail rougher then last year? besides the snow, i know that it makes for a much more difficult time. i know the tundra did good last year, being stock that is.
Much harder than last year. A lot of different factors though. Most notably, the colder temps and more snow. But I ran the trail a few times this year in good conditions and it was harder than I had remembered from last year.

We ran the trail in reverse of what we did last year as well. It was the first time that I've run it in that direction. Under normal conditions I think the trail is harder the way we went last year. This year however, it would have been a short night if we tried to climb what we descended.

When I finally got in bed last night and closed my eyes, all I could see were trees whizzing by. Looking back now, it was more fun than I was ready to admit last night. But I know I was never so happy to be off of a trail.

Spooky for sure. Just too spooky for me.
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