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I was behind this festive FJ. Thank goodness we never got too close to it.
The first half of the trail was a cakewalk. We didn't have any trouble climbing. Then the decent began. That was the most out of control wheeling I have ever done. Using the brakes effectively turned the 4Runner into a 4-rubber-runnered sled that could not be steered. I could regain steering by accelerating but, then there would be no stopping. I had much better control after setting a load on the e-brake so that we could still have some brake and steering at the same time. That provided minimal control. Still, the scariest wheeling so far for me. It was very stress full driving. To qoute fishy, "that was the most not-fun thing I have ever done 4-wheeling." But, when I woke up this morning I kept thinking, that was so awesome and, so much fun. I would do it again for sure.

Thank you nakman, and all RS again for your hospitality, leadership on the trail was on point. Also I was very impressed at the driving skill of everybody there to have been home before midnight without sliding off the trail or running into one another. Again, for the conditions we had, amazing driving by everyone.
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