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Way to go Isaac! That's a nice one.

None of us 3 got elk this year. We had a bit of a snow run getting to the trail-head. Hiked in a half mile and set up our first camp. Tracks were everywhere and it looked promising. The first storm finished but we couldn’t get lucky enough to bump into any bulls the first 2 days. Then the second storm came in hard for the next several days and dropped another 1-2 feet of snow. All the elk moved out of the area and down. We hunted thru the last day but saw no more fresh elk tracks the rest of the hunt. I made a decision during the beginning of the second storm to stick it out and not break our 2 camps, pack out to the Runner and leave. I figured we had 4-5 days left for things to melt out a little. It was depressing thinking we may have to leave the runner stuck and pack out 5-7 miles from the trailhead. We had a large valley to exit with no winch points that I was concerned about getting through.

All those years of snow run experience paid off. I was able to push into the snow hard. Then slam it into reverse quickly before sinking and getting stuck. Then repeat many times until I got to a slight downhill. I then kept the rpms and speed up high enough to get us across the valley toward the trees. At which point I could winch and carry on. Then it was a heck of a fun snow run for the next 5 miles to get out. My new Cooper SST tires were pretty key to all of this. They were digging machines. I was pretty jazzed we made it out.

We will go for muzzleloading next year. We are getting tired of intense winter camping\mountaineering\were not going to make it out stress while hunting.

The first picture is on day one. I was able to winch on the last picture (day 7) and the snow wasn't quite as deep in the trees.
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