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I glad this came up as I was also questioning this technique after the run. I'm generally fascinated by all aspects of vehicle dynamics and this is not sitting right with me.

I'm familiar with shifting into reverse to maintain rolling control when sliding backwards but this is in fact a discussion of shifting into reverse while sliding forward.

To me it makes more sense to keep the wheels rolling and not slipping in the direction of travel in order to maintain steering ability (exactly why ABS helps with control). On that particular run after the first two slides I just left a ton of space to the next vehicle (like let him go until I could no longer see tail lights) and would keep rolling on the steep stuff while pulsing the brakes so that I could steer but did not slide as much.

I also wonder if the last vehicles would have encountered better trail conditions if this technique had not been used ahead of them? Either way this should be a great discussion.
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