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Travis you just reminded me that I've done this before, but years ago and in a manual truck. Was sliding backwards, and I shoved it into 1st then dumped the clutch and peeled out forwards. Not sure if it did anything though, as it was only about a 5' long event. I still think it actually lowers friction to intruduce the other direction of wheel travel.. I also will sometimes experiment with neutral as opposed to any gear when on something steep, just so I'm not fighting the engine. But then once things lock up, I slam it down to L and start pumpin...

I also just remembered my sweet move from high school- I had a 4wd Chevy Luv, and you had to be at a "full stop" to switch from 2wd to 4wd, or from 4wd to 4LO. So I'd get up some speed, slam on the brakes, put the clutch in and shift on the fly... had it down pretty good too Was especially useful when it was snowy coming down Berthoud pass or something, I knew by Empire it'd be down to pavement again so last snowy corner I'd rock the 4-to-2 move, so I could drive home in 2wd and not have to stop. Not exactly relevant here, just thought that was a funny memory... I'm going to make sure my son gets a manual transfer case in HS.
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