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I don't buy the ebrake thing. If the truck is in 4wd and the center diff is locked, when you apply the ebrake, (rear drums) you effectively brake both the front and rear drive shafts applying braking force to all 4 wheels. On a 2wd car, yeah the ebrake will add drag in the back and might straighten things out a bit but not on a 4wd vehicle.

I missed the the sled run down the icy hill due to the rec' that we not follow. I'm glad that the suggestion was made and that we chose to follow it. I'm undecided on the reverse technique. I can see where it could make the tire claw through some of the packed snow/ice and find a bit of traction that an braked wheel wouldn't. Unfortunately the differentials aren't tough enough to make this a choice without consequences.
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