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Originally Posted by CO80 View Post
84k miles, and locker...Is this a good deal? Clearly looks like a good truck...
Originally Posted by CO80 View Post
I was thinking the same thing, but going to take a look this afternoon. I'm trading in a Volkswagen when I get my next toyota so it doesn't hurt that it's at a VW dealership!
Not sure if you've looked at this truck or not. But two things catch my eye. One is the lack of a TB/WP change. I know Toyota says 90k for the change, but at that price and that age it should have already been done. The other thing is how worn the seat is. That tells me that it was driven very short distances, very often.

My seats is in 1000 times better shape with more miles. Better deals out there I think. I wouldn't be afraid of 100k plus on the mileage if the proper PM has been done.
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