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Originally Posted by subzali View Post
Dad's '96 turbo 80 failed emissions for the 1st time since he's owned it, due to his cat being wiped out. Turns out it has only had 1 cat on it all this time as well, which they also caught for the first time this time and failed the visual. He took it to Bud's a couple days ago and got it back yesterday to have two new cats added to his 3" mandrel bent exhaust in place of the 1 bad cat. His check engine light is also on with the EGR code (not sure what the code is), which apparently cooks cats, so he'll have to get his EGR system figured out pretty soon too.

EDIT: it passed emissions today too, so all is well for now
Originally Posted by subzali View Post
Went down on Sunday to help my dad with some stuff. His driver's side mirror was broken, so I got that replaced with one off of the 'Mud classifieds. The heater fan had also ingested some mice, so had to get that cleaned out. He also said the CEL has been on for a while, so I tried to drive it around to get it to blow the code (had just reconnected the battery). Never blew the code, but he texted me last night and said the code is P0401. He's also getting a lot of fuel tank pressure, which I think is charcoal canister-related. Oh joy.
Well soon turned out to be 3 years later, but I think the P0401 is fixed. Pulled the VSV out yesterday, tested bad, got a new one from Groove, in and drove today. Have to adjust the throttle cables a tad still, but no code yet. Here's crossing my fingers. Funny how something so small seems like a big deal to fix. Modulator tested fine, no blocked passageways, just the VSV. Bugger of it was I tried getting to it from the fender side through the small hole in the intake (after taking the brace out of the way), but my hands are big enough that that wasn't going well. So I got the throttle body off in just a few minutes and had easier access to the VSV from there. The electrical connector was a super PITA to get off, but finally it let go. On to something else...forgot about the fuel tank pressure issue until just now
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