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Default FJ60 Long Travel Shocks

Ok, light tech, but hey, we need more tech in here lately

I have been running OME shocks of different flavors for a while but have never really been satisfied. I have no idea what lift my truck has but the axle is 6" down from the bump stop and has about 4" travel down from that point. The OME shocks are the limiting factor on the droop for sure as they are almost fully extended at rest. They have always been too soft also... I have always liked "spirited" driving in the desert while fully loaded (7k lbs total) and jumping in and out of washes there has never been enough damping.

I put lots of crap in the back so I didn't want to just lower bum stops and throw on longer shocks....

That got me looking.

Drew and I looked on the Bilstien website and noticed they made short body shocks that had decent travel, so after a while of measuring and back and forth on the web we decided the 12" short body external res shocks in Biltien's stiffest valving would do nicely... I won't even have to lower my stock bump stops and they'll reach straight to the bottom when the axle is at full droop when in the air.

So, here are a few pics and what I am working on to make them fit.
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