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I'll definitely agree that anyone who completed the run did great and that chains were king! It really is amazing that there was no real body damage on any of the trucks that descended and that says a lot about everyone's technique and really highlights the fact that there is no one right way to get the job done.

As I read the experiences of guys "pulling a shotshell" I guess I could see a few cases where as a last resort (like a collision, cliff of doom, or insane deep powder) that it could be an option for me.

I still think that a tire rolling in the correct direction is the best way to maintain good steering control which is key for obstacle avoidance in general.

I have not done a lot of winter wheeling the last couple of years but I'm definitely reminded that a good set of quickly deployed chains would have been the safest and most prudent way to approach this descent (another item for my list). This is probably even more the case after other vehicles have polished up the slick spots.

Fishy, speaking of chains, I'm glad you mention the challenges of using them with 35's on the 100. I had never considered chain fit or heard it discussed before with regard to 35's on the 100. I'm trying to keep myself talked out of going down that road for now so this is a great point for me. I like the idea of 35's but I really need to focus on a number of other mods first so anything that keeps me from jumping into 35's is a good thing (at least for now).

As expected this is a great discussion, I love a good tech debate
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