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Alrighty... Mamasita said get yer butt in the garage and keep working on the 60 so I forced myself to get back at it tonight.

Turns out the new brackets work well for the top of the shocks once I cut the upper shock mounts off...

So looking at the bottom we see where we gotta make some more mounts...

I kept thinking about it over and over again today and I agree... A nice double shear mount for the bottom is the way to go. I am gonna come straight off of the spring plates with flat pieces and get the bottom shock eye that way..

It'll be vulnerable to rocks but I am thinking beef it all up and it'll work? The original setup had the shocks down low like that and worked ok... I was able to keep them relatively ok so maybe this will work? Ideally I know the shocks would be mounted to the axle tubes but hey we gotta fit these long un's in there somehow..
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