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Tire chains sure dug down and helped on my rear. The snow was deep and nasty. We all found ourselves such often when the snow got over 4 ft. thick for over a "car length". Everyone was prepared and making the best of the conditions.

We managed to have fun playing around the parking lot and trying to go up the road a few hundred yards. Oddly and unrelated, a some kids on the main road by the parking lot got taken away by the sheriff for a dui and stuff.

At 12:30 we all clanked our chains up the main road and found what I thought was the by-pass to the York Gulch intersection. Not sure. I didn't feel comfortable taking the whole group down it, so a "hard-core" group gave it go for a while. Led by Treeroot and gunned by Crash I think. I took the rest down the loop to the CC Parkway. I knew of a side area on the way, that we turned into another playground for us. Especially good for some of the guys who had had a chance to play much. We then took off our chains and went for pizza about 2:30. The hard core group met us for pizza an hour later. Good times. Great group as usual.
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