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What Travis posted is exactly what I was talking about. Technically single shear, but generally not what people tend to do. The shear plane is welded, and thus allows for no movement. The typical single shear that people are always cautioning about is a tab with a single hole, and a bolt going through the shock, with no mount on the opposite side. This can allow for a lot of fatigue on the bolt, and is much weaker than double shear.

What Travis posted is a good bit stronger, and obviously works great in many stock applications.

The mounts you show marco will be great. Brace them and they should hold up find, though, if they hang down, they can be rock anchors. All in all, you gotta do what works and fits.

FWIW, there are a number of race trucks out there running a modified single shear mount which consists of a sleeve through the frame, and a bolt holding the frame side heim on front links. Working well and is strong.

So, as I said, it depends entirely on how you do it.

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