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Hey guys, I'm bumping Ricardo's old thread.

I'm having an intermittent starting issue with the 40. Saturday I went to turn it in and nothing, not even accessories coming to life. Sunday, it fired right up without issue, and this morning nothing again.

I've tried several highly technical things like, jiggling the wires at the connection of the harness and the ignition switch pigtail, wrapping the ignition coil lightly with a screwdriver handle and a few other things that have "worked" in the past.

I'd did replace the starter and the ignition switch assembly last year as well... both have been working fine for a year now.

I'm heading into the garage now with a multimeter and my manual to see what's happening. Besides fuses and seeing if I am getting power to the starter solenoid what else should I be poking at?

Thanks in advance
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