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Default 80 series rear wiper issue

Originally Posted by 60wag View Post
Can you unplug the L-B connector between the switch and the relay and see if it still does intermittent?
Originally Posted by subzali View Post
I was trying to figure out the ground path for the current, I'll see if I can just undo the L-B. I don't think I can but I might be able to get creative with alligator clips.

If it still operates in intermittent then it's gotta be the relay or the motor, if it stops then I need to look at the switch again.
Okay, I disconnected BT1 and ran a jumper for the L wire. The wiper stopped working with the switch OFF (yay, I think I found the problem?). I switched it to ON and jumpered the L-G wires and it worked as designed.

Earlier I pulled the relay and tested it per BE-25 in the FSM. I think it tested out ok. The only thing I'm not sure of is this phrase in Step 3: "...check that the meter needle rises from 0 V to battery positive voltage within 6 to 10 seconds. If operation is not as specified, replace the relay."

The voltage rises to battery voltage almost immediately, not between 6 to 10 seconds. Think it's ok?

Going to check the switch again.

On a good note I busted out the epoxy and I think I fixed the shaky driver side mirror. So at least I'm making forward progress.
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