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Default New hj61 need parking/storage advice near Denver airport

Hey guys I'm new here. Few of the members on mud pointed me this way.

I just bought a hj61 out west and was planning on driving it home to NC. Something came up and I have to be home by the 3rd. Rather than rush home I decided to enjoy some time out west (not as much as planned) and ship the truck back and fly out of Denver. After doing the mathe shipping and flights were cheap enough to go this route. So I need a place to stash the truck for a few days if I can't coordinate with the hauler to meet me at the airport the day I fly out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Currently in Moab headed to CO for rest of the week if anybody wants to go wheeling let me know. Wish I could stay longer but life is getting in the way. Here's a couple poser shots bc who doesn't love pics. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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