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I've had some issues in my 71 FJ40 in recent days, but the root cause is that my 12 year old red top is nearing the end of its life. It is getting soft (voltage droop when cranking) after it has sat for a couple days and it is cold out. It measures only around 12 volts with no load after it has sat for a while, and droops to less than 8 volts while cranking, not enough to get a decent spark at the plugs. It will take a charge just fine and last for a day or two, but I am guessing the AGM is starting to get some internal leakage current.

My early morning cold start fix is to jumper directly from the battery positive terminal to the load side of my ballast resister. Ultimate fix will be to get a new battery. Most of the time I've just been driving one of my other cruisers...
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