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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
Yeah they only thing these really have going for them is how common the engine is, IMO- they are on Audi's & VW's everywhere, which means lots of tech resources & parts. I can't stand working on it though- I dropped the oil filter and got oil everywhere, and it took me 2 hours to change the air filter

Meanwhile my Land Cruiser has twice the miles, twice the age, and half the issues of any other vehicle we own. thanks for the tip kbahus, I will check that out when I get back into this. Strangely, the CEL went out at lunch today, even though the code is still in there when I scan for it. Maybe it fixed itself. But now the door doesn't lock with the keyfob.
I'm totally with you on what a PITA they are to work on. On the bug in particular, it is clear that the designers said to the engineers "Here's the body" and left it to the engineers to shoehorn everything under the hood. Changing the battery takes about an hour.

But, it does get 34 MPG, has heated seats, a moonroof and goes like a bat out of heck with that turbo. It also handles really well and does much better than our Yaris in the snow.
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