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Default Further Thoughts

Thanks to Stephen Rudy for helping me chain up and to Ige for helping me unchain. Also thanks to Ige for making sure I kept my Carhartt coat zipped up - it sucks being a one handed gimp and unable to zip up your own jacket. I purposely didn't take much in the way of fluids but I'm sure Ige would have helped me there too. I'm really glad that the Longfields held up as I would have really been up you-know-which creek if a birf had let go this year like one did last on last year's pizza run. Come to think of it, I would have been up the same creek then without Cheeseman's help and parts. Cheeseman, where the heck were you yesterday?
Maybe next year the skis, I mean, springs will be up a little higher and Bart will be better able to negotiate the deep stuff like we had on this run. SOA? Who knows?? Treeroot's pictures on his site showed the SUA plowing pretty good.
Thanks, too, to Jaderunner and the Rising Sun for a great run and pizza and storytelling afterwards.
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