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Default 2UZ-FE Starter on a UZJ-100

A week ago Sunday, my 99 LX470 didn't start right up. It took three turns of the key. I had the same experience a couple of times during the week. I've got 175k on the rig and this is the second time I have had the issues with the starter. The first time I had one of the Toyota shops replace with an OEM refurbished unit. I'll have to check my paper work to see how many years ago but it would definately pre-date when I picked up my FJ40 and started wrenching. This time I went with a new starter from NAPA. It was reasonably priced, has a lifetime warranty and did not require a core.

After the replacement, I opened up the OEM reman and plunger surface was very worn and very pitted. One of the contacts was very worn but the other seemed to be still thick enough. I would expect that new contacts and plunger would fix it right up. At some point I'll probably go ahead and do this so I have a spare ready to go.

This thread on MUD has very good detail on the work (including pictures) involved getting to the starter. A few items from my experience that are in the details of the thread that I found most helpfull include;
  • I removed the wiper washer tube and support struts so that I could hold the hood straight up with a ratchet strap attached to a d-ring on the rear bumper.
  • Removing the air filter box allowed me to kneel in the engine bay while removing/putting back in the intake manifold. A second set of hands would have eliminated the need to remove the air filter box.
  • I placed a couple of 1X12s accross the fenders so that I could get better access to the starter connections. A top side creeper would have been great for this job.
  • Disconnecting the fuel line at the filter worked just fine.
  • A long extension and magnetic pickup worked great for the manifold bolts/nuts
  • Regular pliers worked great for removing the injector clips using the "extended open" mode.
I took many notes and pictures during the tear down. The notes were great reference as I put it all back together - just check mark each item as it was done. The pictures were only needed for one vaccum hose. The FSM was only cracked to confirm the torque spec for the intake bolts/nuts and throttle body bolts/nuts - 13 foot pounds for both.

Overall, it was time consuming but not very difficult, new starter is in and works just fine. The club seems to have added quite a few rigs with the V-8 2UZ-FE engine and the starter is in the same location on all of them. When your go to replace your starter or contacts, let me know if you have any questions or would like hand with removing/installing the intake manifold.
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