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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
Ricardo, when you say "didn't start right up," did you just get a click? Like I'm used to hearing when contacts go bad...

Reason I ask is once every 50-80 starts my 100 will just crank and crank, and not catch. After a few seconds I just try again and it starts right up. But it's the opposite of my experience with starter contacts, seems more like an ignition deal. Just curious if you have ever experienced that, and/of if this fixed it.
Well to be very specific...
  • The first time it was a click followed by a couple of week grrr, grrr (two turns) and then followed by a normal startup
  • The next time it was a click, followed by a click and then normal startup.
  • The next time it was a click and then normal startup.

In between each of those events, I did have normal startups - but just a few definately not 50-80. This time it was clear there was an re-occuring issue. I seem to recall when the first starter went out I went a month or so living with watching it progressively becoming more frequent before taking it in.

Since the replacement, starts have been rock solid. I read a ton of threads on MUD last week and don't recall any where the "no start" was indicated to occur as infrequently (every 50 - 80 starts) as what you are experiencing. Perhaps it started that way and by the time the person posted it had reached the point it was occuring frequently enough they had to deal with it.

If you don't have any codes, have a good battery and a relatively clean throttle body - it could be ignition or fuel related. That said, with the computer monitoring of these components - I would expect ignition/fuel issues would throw a code.
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