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Originally Posted by MDH33 View Post
Moderators, I would vote to delete this thread. I feel its a very bad idea to promote shooting on our ohv trails. There are already enough trashed areas on the forest that are likely to be shut down. Lets not have the trails we work hard to keep open get turned into trashed shooting areas.
As another person stated, it's all about using the land responsibly. Plenty of people hate off road drivers for similar reasons you may frown upon shooters. They ruin trails, they drive off the trail ruining surrounding area, they're loud, obnoxious, they get stuck and cause problems, etc...

Our job as responsible land users is to do the things we like to do while maintaining the land and keeping it nice for those after us. That applies to shooting just the same as wheeling.

I'd encourage more people to take up responsible target practice in the national forest just as I'd encourage them to take up responsible off roading.

If you're being responsible with shooting you pick up your brass, shoot into safe backdrops, leave no trash (targets or otherwise), use biodegradable pigeons and such and stay away from trails or buildings. A responsible shooter will leave little evidence they were shooting.

Don't let the bad few represent the entire crowd.
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