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Let me start by saying that I'm a gun owner and I like to target shoot (at a shooting range) and I hunt in the National Forest. I also have a little experience working in the National Forest and have seen what popular shooting areas have turned into (garbage dumps) and I have seen how a lot of the public responds to target shooting on the Forest.

You guys are taking my comment personally and missing the point. What I am saying is that by being out there on busy trails shooting, regardless of how responsible and squeaky clean you are, you are advertising the location as a shooting range to everyone who passes by. Once that starts, the less responsible people will start showing up and bring along their refrigerators, TV's, car doors, exploding targets, etc.

In addition, the areas you are recommending are very busy areas for all sorts of recreation, including camping. There are few things that will upset people more than having someone start shooting near the areas they are recreating. It is also likely that depending on your proximity to others, you are shooting illegally.

I seem to remember Rising Sun had some discussions about target shooting on club runs some time ago. Maybe this discussion should be brought up again. Especially if threads advertising "OHV trails for target shooting" are going to be featured prominently on the forum.

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