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Martin thank you for bringing this up... as it's important to refresh ourselves on these issues from time to time, which often lead us even revisit our policies through intelligent discussions like this one. You bring up a good point about camping... I agree it's a bummer to camp next to someone who's plinking cans. Unless I'm doing the plinking, then it's a bummer to camp next to a lame quiet family.. which to me just validates our continuing mission here of promoting responsible shared use.

My recollection about prior discussions on club runs was more about open carry & concealed carry, less about target shooting. Our bylaws do a pretty good job clarifying our position.


Article VIII Safety

Section A. Requirements for Club Functions

1. Intoxicated or otherwise impaired persons shall not operate any vehicle at Club events or functions. Furthermore, the Club assumes no responsibility or liability for their care or actions by them that may result in accidents, losses, injury(s) or death while participating in a Club event or function.

2. Rising Sun is a 4WD club, not a gun club. We acknowledge that some members may have the legal right to carry concealed weapons. In these cases, the laws of the state supersede our bylaws, and our members may carry concealed weapons if they are legally authorized to do so. Members who have earned this privilege should keep their weapons concealed at all club events, unless a legitimate situation arises in which a firearm is needed. In all other regards, Rising Sun members should not bring firearms to club events. Open carry of firearms is expressly prohibited for all members in order to maintain a family friendly environment.
The point is, if you're going out shooting then it's not a club event. And if you're on a club run the expectation is we won't see any guns. Or beer, for that matter.

I'll ask the mods to move this to our hunting/fishing area, as it's more appropriate for there anyway.
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