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Originally Posted by JadeRunner View Post
I also agree with Tim's assessment and was going to suggest we move this to the hunting sub forum. I consider this a special interest topic as it relates to our Toyota 4x4 club. And as Tim pointed out in our bylaws shooting should not occur on our runs.
That brings up another question.

Any member has the privilege of organizing a club run. Do we discourage members from posting up a "Does anyone want to go and let live rounds go downrange?" thread in the Upcoming Events section? We also have non-RS members that join us for club runs and post on the forum (all welcome and encouraged)...... Do we ask that they not organize events or look for shooting partners on the site? I don't really have an opinion either way on this. All I care about is that it's done safely and responsibly.

I thought I remember seeing one or two of those this summer?

And FWIW, MisleadYouth is a Marine and therefore a Brother of mine. Although I've never met him, I can assure you he cleaned up his brass and shot responsibly.
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