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Default WTB: 100 series (either LC or LX)

Hey guys, I have been lurking on ih8mud and other forums for a while now and am finally ready to take the plunge on a 100 series. I have been very excited to begin building an overland and light/medium trail rig and I'm convinced a 100 series is the way to go.

So with that said, what I think I want to find is pretty specific: a 2001 LX 470. I like the projector headlamps of the LX and 2001 was the last year where factory nav was an option (as opposed to in all trucks)... I'd prefer to not be forever saddled with hopelessly dated electronics.

I'd also be interested in an '01 or '02 LC without factory nav; '00+ gives ATRAC which seems desirable for poor traction surfaces and stability control also seems good to have if my wife's driving it on occasion. But with the higher incidence of bad transmissions in '00 I'm not sure I want to consider them but am open to input.

Any suggestions or sightings of trucks for sale? There's a few local in Denver that I may go look at... Just missed an '01 at a lot on Colfax this week that was my ideal setup. Likewise if you have a truck for sale let me know. Not afraid to fly for the right truck either.

Thanks in advance!
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