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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
However I could also see if I were new in town, new to the hobby, or new to Toyotas, then heck it would seem totally appropriate to try to make some new friends who share my same interests. And it is. And when that happens the ensuing posts that follow from folks making their case to pick up your trash, stay on the trail, respect other people, etc. are also completely appropriate, and welcome, and actually why we're all active here in the first place right?



I appreciate everyone who's posted here, great discussion, and again just reminds me what a terrific group of folks we have here.
Wow, good discussion once this got moved into hunting. My aim wasn't to talk so much about firearms, but here we are.

Nakman, well put. When I started this thread I had no intention of promoting a place for others to shoot near campers/recreators or turn a piece of forest into a dump. Conversely, I was looking to see what areas were around that would not create the problems listed above. Those here I would expect to be responsible and to have helpful tips to keep newcomers, like myself, in areas that are safe, shooter-friendly, and hopefully not trashed by anoyone; camper/shooter/off-roader/hunter.

For those discouraging gun talk or target practice places consider this:
Would you rather people go out and completely wing it? Would you rather people go on a random trail and wander until they find a spot they think might be a safe place to shoot? I wouldn't. I would much prefer to reach out to a community where folks can share what areas work well for target shooting and what areas do not. There are very few designated shooting areas published by the various forest areas (which is unfortunate), yet there are thousands of good spots and even more bad areas.

For reference, where I ended up going in the Rock Creek Hills trail network I didn't see a single other person/car within 5 miles or so. That for me, is the ideal place. Remote, safe, significant backdrop and somewhere we can enjoy our common interest; wheeling a Yota.

I wasn't aware of restrictions on "gun-runs" so that's good to know. Going forward I'll make sure I'm not portraying any kind of "club gun-run". I don't think this one was perceived as such, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

Happy wheeling and responsible use.
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