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Thanks for the feedback guys. I need to go drive another 100 with the 4 speed and see "just how bad" it is... I just sold a '96 Bronco that I suspect had more pickup but was far cruder and less safe (or easy to live with) re: the kids in the back. If I need speed I can always go drive my E55 that my wife has now usurped after she wrecked her Cayenne.

Re: LATCH - that was totally in my mental calculations re: '01+ but I had failed to articulate it. I do like LATCH, particularly since both kids are still rear-facing. Worst-case scenario, could I not trade out the second row of seats in an '00 or older for a '01+ middle bench and get the LATCH anchors, as I think they're built into the seat itself?

As much as I want to get a 5 speed, if I want a truck this month and don't want to finance it I think an '03+ is out of the question unless I come across a miraculous deal. I'm really surprised no one has figured out how to do a 5 speed swap on the older trucks... Must be lack of number of trucks in the market, whereas say the Chevy guys are all over this kind of thing.

Last re: swapping the non-nav headunits into '03+ trucks, there's a guy on mud or one of the other forums I found that was working on a swap kit and then got stalled, no updates in over a year. Apparently it's more than just trim, it's harnesses behind the dash and worse yet the HVAC controls being integrated into the nav unit. Boo on Toyota for ever thinking that was a good idea.

Originally Posted by Romer View Post
The supercharger was discontinued because some engines were damaged. Some have had no issues.
The one thing I have read/seen there (that's totally apocryphal, I'll admit) is that the SCs were discontinued due to damage on the 4.7 Tundra motors, not necessarily the LC/LXs. My understanding is that the LC/LX may have stronger conrods, which is where I understand the Tundras may have seen failures? Totally not sure on this.

Thanks again.
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