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Originally Posted by SteveH View Post
I took it off the truck and had the dealer press it out. The front wheel bearings are giant-sized and rarely fail. They are also pricey.

Are you sure it's the front wheel bearings? The corker is that it was my REAR wheel bearing making all the noise, and after seeing the ball bearing rear wheel bearing, it's no surprise it failed.

Unless it was contaminated by water or dirt, or dinged in an accident, I'd double-check the diagnosis of bad front wheel bearings. When my truck was put on a lift, in gear and running, my rear wheel bearings howled quite obviously. Wish I'd done this first, but to all the trained 'ears' - it sounded like the front bearing was bad.
I had my friend take it to a mechanic to diagnose it turns out it was the rear wheel bearing. Thanks so much for the advice. Did you do the work yourself ?
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