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Default 100 series Mileage comparisons

Hey I am curious what others are getting right now for gas mileage, with a similar build, various years/tires sizes, and stock 100s... I posted this up in mud also..

I have an '01 4 speed tranny with 255/85/16s, bumpers, winch, alum/steel skids, sliders, lift, roof rack, single drawer and fridge. I also have the DT headers, wonder if that makes a difference also.

I just checked and with tire conversion I am getting 13.2 in the city. I thought that was not really that bad, considering what I am hauling around. Any of you math majors have a clue what that would translate to hwy?

Obviously a 5 speed would fare better on the highway. Just curious what you all are seeing with 285 33s and 34, 35s in similar builds.

Also, I am thinking of having Midas cut off the resonator, wonder if that might help just a touch on mileage.

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