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Default from "mud"

Response from "mud"...I think I'm going to try this.

Great idea.
The 3 switches for the ahc have a common ground, pin 4. W-B. For the Soft-to-hard-suspension-switch, it's switching like this:

Soft (comfy): pin 4 to 2 L-W
Medium: pin 4 to 2 and 7 L-Y
Sport1: pin 4 to 7
Sport2 (hard): No connection.

The Up-down and the ahc-off switches are momentary, iirc, and connects like this:
Ahc-off: pin 4 to 9 LG-R
Down: pin 4 to 10 L-B
Up: pin 4 to 6 R-Y

The ground, pin 4, W-B, is from set-bolt at the LHS kick-panel junction block.
The 5 other conductors are terminated at the AHC-ECU

This for May 2005 production onwards.
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